mercredi 27 décembre 2006

Happy Birthday Dvorah

Mazal Tov!
Dvorah Sudry (Edhery) pour ton anniversaire.
7 Tevet

mardi 26 décembre 2006


I thought id show my niece's and nephew's as they have grown up so much (kn'h) since we were all in sem and showin them off to eachother...Above is "Family Golomb" now residing in Stamford Hill, London.
Avi (10), Moshe (9), Rashi (7) Devorie (4), Baila (2)

Over here we have "Madam Chaya Bracha Lewis" Who is 2 years old. She lives in Newcastle, Gateshead.

Guys post some pics, so we can all see the cute little kids we all new as babies...They grow up...
Hey Everyone, This is such a cute idea. Thank You Chaya!!
Well for update, im still living in NY. At same job in Roslyn, Long Island. Same 3 Mancunians live with me. In same apartment, so as u see....not much changed. Lol. Yep thats Shaindel and I at her wedding. Was a blast....worth the trip :-)
Anyone coming to NY in the near future? Be intouch if u do.
Back to work.....Aml Etty xox
For anyone who doesnt know, Bokob is engaged, though I dont know who to, so if anyone knows who to, please let us know.

lundi 25 décembre 2006


Now that I finally managed to sign on, I can say hi to everyone, hope everyones well and alls going ok!! This is a pic of me in Israel (I know I'm stating the obvious, but incase anyone thought I might have changed - ha ha - u wish- and I wish too) I went to visit my sister in November (she's in sem there) Other than that work is the word.
Hoping to hear from you all soon
xx Shtern

dimanche 24 décembre 2006

Quand vous ecriver quelque chose sur ce site, S.V.P. ecriver votre nom et aussi votre nom de famille. Merci.
Chaya Benjaminson
hey everyone! this is such a great idea! thanks chaya!!!!!!!!

jeudi 21 décembre 2006

hi evryone happy hanoukah! this is so cool miss ya all love
always & 4ever leah fisher

Baby Benjaminson - (chaya vorst)

Ma fille Mushka Rivkah, nee le 24 nissan, 22 avril 2006


hi everyone its me shaindel, heres a pic of me and my hubby...this is much fun!!be well

Hi Everyone

Hanuka Samea'h!
C'est moi avec ma petite famille.
J'habitte a New york. Si vous venez chez le Rabbi, alors tenez moi au courrant!
Chaja c'est super ce blog!
Sarah Bueno un SUPER GRAND Mazal Tov!
Ella Firbank-Sanders

mercredi 20 décembre 2006

Mazal tov!

Mazal tov Sarah Bueno ( mequies) Pour la naissance de sa fille 'Odel Sim'ha! Que vous aurez beacoup de nahat d'elle! Repose toi bien!

Missing You All

What a great there is no excuse for all of us to keep in touch and share our news...Tammy
Quelle idée super...maintenant il y a pas d'excuse pour qu'on garde le contacte et qu'on partage nos nouvelles...Tammy (excuse les fautes d'écriture...n'oubliez suis ENGLISH!!!)


On a cree ce blog, comme ca on poura rester en contact, les filles et profs de Beth Rivkah Yerres S'il vous plait postez des photos de vous meme, ou juste dites "HI".
Si vous etes interesses, envoyez moi un e-mail a, comme ca je peux vous envoyer une invitation, qui vous permetra de poster des choses sur le blog.
Hanukah Sameah
Chaja Benjaminson-Vorst

hannouka same'ah

hannouka same'ah tout le monde!
C'etait l'anniversaire de ma fille chani le deuxieme jour de hannouka!
bye, rivka Galperin ( vorst) de floride.
Hey Chaya,

What a sweet thing to do. Happy Chanukah. hope you are well and enjoying the frezzing cold of New York. I will try put something up......Aml Etty
Tishri a Crown Heights

Welcome to this site

This blog is to keep in touch with girls (and teachers) who were in Beth Rivka, Yerres.
Please post some pictures of you, or just say "HI".
If you would like to post on this site, (i think you need to be invited first) please send me your email adress to and i will send you an invitation to the site.
Have a Happy Chanuka.
Chaya Benjaminson-Vorst